Do Grades Do Justice To Students’ Knowledge?

The Misconception Surrounding Grades and Success

There has been a misconception that only bright students make it in the future. This notion is quite contrary, as grades do not define a person. While they are significant in securing college admission and white-collar jobs, we ought to look at this issue with a third eye.

Many parents and teachers have, for centuries, emphasized that good grades are what makes a person. But this is not always the case as there are students who’ve been considered poor performers yet managed to make a better life for them.  

Not all learners grasp what they are taught fast, and some are slow learners. In a classroom setting, therefore, teachers must treat all students differently while paying attention to their capabilities. At home, parents must not compare their paramountessays children with how they perform in school. Instead, they should complement their strength and help them improve their weakness.

Academic Grades Matter but They Do Not Define a Person

The school environment may be hostile and quite stressful for some students. This is because school entails pressure from teachers, parents not forgetting tight timetables while still studying for exams. This kind of environment may cause mental havoc to some kids, thus affecting their school performance.

It is no wonder that many parents opt for their kids to go through homeschool instead of physical classroom experience. For such parents, the focus is on maintaining high-spirited students who do not feel pressured to meet unattainable demands. Also, a poor performing child may be discriminated in school; hence homeschool remains an excellent substitute for them.

Good grades are an added advantage, but that does not mean all students will be high performers. Other factors need to be considered while looking at success.

  • Skills

You may not necessarily be a top performer in class, but you are a strong performer in extracurricular activities. For example, sports and music are skills that, if concentrated on, can earn a person a lavish lifestyle. Dancing can take you places mathematics cant, a choreographer may travel nations due to their excellent dancing skills.

  • Passion

Some people have made a good living for themselves due to following and nurturing their passion. A love for helping others may open doors that grades never would. For example, helping street families maybe someone’s passion, and out of this noble act, other organizations may sponsor the project. On the verge of following one’s passion, you may also get endorsements and become goodwill ambassadors for different humanitarian projects.

Yes, it is good to advocate for good grades, but it is also ideal to be open-minded. Allow children to be good at what help with essays they love without forcing them into doing things they do not like. It is unfortunately sad that some children have strictly done what teachers and parents expect of them while not focusing on what they love. They have thus ended up miserable in careers they are not happy with or have had to go back to school to pursue their true calling, wasting a lot of time.