Elaboration of diploma thesis

The diploma thesis, or among the students, is the final work of the student to demonstrate the student’s ability to work creatively in the field of study he studied. The diploma thesis is elaborated by the student under the supervision of the head of the final thesis (tutor). The diploma thesis is assessed by an opponent who prepares a written report for the final thesis. The defense of the diploma is a condition of the student’s participation in the state examination and is a state examination, it is a condition for obtaining an academic degree. That is why it is important to keep your diploma in mind as it should reflect what you have learned during your studies.

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How to write a thesis

  • The procedure for writing a thesis
  • Review the regulations on the requirements of your diploma thesis
  • Choose the topic of your thesis
  • Selection of the topic of the thesis

As a rule, you have two options when choosing a diploma topic:

Choose from the list of thesis topics published for each academic year by each workplace.

If you are interested in any of the topics listed by your department or other workplace, first contact the trainer who has listed the selected topic. Find out more about the topic, the type of diploma thesis, the methods of processing and the time, space, technical and other conditions. It’s also important to know if the topic is still free and whether the trainer accepts you.

Choose your own theme.

To process your own topic, you need to find a trainer who will be willing and able to guide you in preparing your thesis

Summary in the thesis

The summary is a short summary summarizing the basic ideas and conclusions of the thesis. that is, content, elevator, respectively. a summary of the most important conclusions of the work that the author has come up with in his review. The summary in the thesis should explain for example:

  • why the student chose the topic
  • issues of the submitted work,
  • the main goal of research and analysis
  • the methods used,
  • a brief description of each chapter
  • whether the hypothesis has been confirmed
  • Whether work has reached its goal
  • as significant as possible at work
  • the contribution of research to the
  • how to use the work further.

If the diploma thesis is written in a foreign language, the author must also present a summary in English language in the extent of 10%.