What Makes Educational Courses Effective?

It’s time to talk about the inside of online educational courses, which should be effective due to the submission format, video, structure, pace, track length, and more.

Let’s go! Submission format

Depending on the type of content, the feed format will be different. If it’s rich informative content, it’s best to https://www.essaycapital.com/essay-help/buy-persuasive-essay do it in a voice-over. Do not interfere even with the presence of the lecturer, except for some moments when you need a “presence effect” in the online educational courses.

The format, structure, length of the tracks will all depend on the first point.


Think about what exactly do you need a video for? What resources are the most effective and appropriate to present in the video? For example, display material where there is a subjective opinion of the author, where there is a complex visualization, where in principle the essence of the video is used.

Let’s take a section of the book and start recording the first video. It should explain why you should read this book/chapter/study. Illustrate more complex information. For example, if it’s a history textbook with a static map, of course, display it in a video. Show the “historical” movements that took place in the mentioned territories (“the ship is sailing”, “the army is moving” and so on).

Everything complex and new is always better to visualize than to describe and explain it for a long time. For example, when defining a parallelepiped, show what it looks like. Because it’s so much better to http://www.academia.edu/9596552/An_investigation_of_International_Refugee_Law_in_effect_to_the_validity_of_women_being_a_particular_social_group_belonging_to_a_private_sphere_with_reference_to_Domestic_Violence_and_Female_Genital_Mutilation_in_determining_refugee_status understand how its edges, plans, and values ​​are correlated.

Use video to build associative connections to explain complex visuals. But do not use just reading dry information, it is not perceived. Information can be displayed through associations when you operate with highly abstract materials.


You need to know exactly what each block is divided into the educational courses.

It is desirable to follow the 3 phases:

  • Forside phase. This is when we explain what will be studied;
  • Performing phase. These are your own videos and other educational courses materials – diagrams, notes, etc.
  • Self-paced phase. That is, if you are making small relevant pieces of material, it is advisable to add a small test after each one. A person must see that it is moving, this motivates him to move on. Well, in principle, intermediate tests have a good effect on the comprehension of the material.


A study by Harvard’s Learning and Teaching initiative says that narrative in the online educational courses should be faster than in real life. The tempo of the voice in the video should be faster. A good studio that develops the courses and works with the lecturer says how he should speak: speed up or slow down if necessary.


A universal wish – do not sculpt a lot of text on the slides in the video, which will be read one by one by the lecturer. This is very annoying because people read faster than they listen. Present theses in bullets (in the form of lists), and the lecturer should read a maximum of one sentence.

The second point is no more than 80 words per slide. There is a study that says that you do not need to overload the channels of perception of information (visual, audio, etc.). If there is a lot of visual material – some alternating pictures – give less text on the slide so as not to overload the visual channel. Whenever possible you should have a narrative of what appears.

Reading check

When you write the text for a video lecture, read it aloud before recording it. If a sentence is difficult to read website that writes essays for you in one breath, it will be difficult to hear. Simplify texts. The simpler you explain, the smarter you are, not the other way around.

Therefore, educational courses are effective if they are simple and not overloaded with information and data. You should learn to present all the necessary issues exactly the way you understand them.